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Do you know how much your business is worth at this current point in time or how well your company is performing in comparison to your competitors in your industry?

More than 75% of all business owners do not know what their business is worth and thus do not know ways to grow, improve themselves or manage their credit and risks properly. Know what your business is worth in real time through the Capitalize Business Valuator.

Simply key in your company information in a quick 7 step process to receive an estimated valuation for your business or send us the required documents and allow us to do it for you, hassle free!

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*The detailed 29 page valuation/business performance report and a one hour business review session is complimentary ONLY for existing clients of Capitalize

*Business Valuator services are provided by BizEquity, a third-party service provider not directly affiliated with Capitalize


1. Why do business owners do Business Valuations?
  • Overview of business performance
  • Seeking equity financing
  • Buying/selling of businesses (Merger and Acquisitions)
  • Divorcing a business
  • Partner buy in/out
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Keyman insurance
  • SME loans
  • Just curious


2. What does the Capitalize Business Valuator do?

You may leverage on this to obtain an independent third party assessment of your company’s value. The values provided are an estimation of “fair market value on a going concern basis” for the entire company at a 100% interest. 4 types of values will be given and can be used according to a company’s situation at that point in time.

Also, you will find out how your company compares to others in the same industry in the following key financial metrics (Liquidity, Solvency/Leverage, Activity/Efficiency, Profitability) as 13 key performance indicators will be provided to let you know if your business is under-performing/ over-performing or meeting industry standards.

Capitalize will also provide to existing clients a complimentary 1 hour session to help them understand the different types of values, what each KPI implies about their business and help them to improve on their KPIs through recommendations and the partner vendors that we have.

3. Is the Capitalize Business Valuator accurate?

It is important to recognize that the estimates presented are not “final numbers” but are more so “general estimates” in the form of a frame of reference rather than official or full appraisal.

Nevertheless, the methodologies and analysis methods that have been utilized are appropriate and are commonly used in business valuations. With up to 10 difference sources, numerous big data have also been collected to provide up to date information for industry bench-marking to maximize accuracy of estimates.

4. What are your charges like?

The entire Business Valuation Report consists of 29 pages and this report is complimentary only for existing clients of Capitalize. On top of that, existing clients will receive a free 1 hour consultation session.

Please call us directly at +65 717 8681 to find out more about the fees payable for sole purchase of the report.