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Training and Development

In order to provide our clients with high standards of service quality, our people undergo an intensive 2 months training equipping them with product knowledge, sales, processes and customer service skills. MCQ, role-play tests and on the job training are carried out to ensure that our people are fully trained with well-developed skill sets.

At Capitalize, besides equipping our people towards being all rounded individuals, we are also dedicated to help each and every one of our people fully realize their inner potential. We encourage our people to not only be independent but to also be able to work in a team through pairing systems and team oriented activities carried out in the company.

Most importantly, the values and principles of our company culture are deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of our people in which we all aim to help clients to the best of our abilities. We seek to listen then to understand before we provide the right solutions to our clients.

Last but not least, we strongly believe in long term development of our people not just in terms of skills, knowledge but also development as a person as a lifelong process.


Culture & Environment

We encourage our people to constantly learn, upgrade and improve themselves, guiding them to see past their fears and encourage them to keep trying even when they fail. We strongly believe it is important to be sincere, helping one’s clients or colleagues to the best that one can.

You can expect a fun and vibrant working environment with us. We work hard and play hard together. With a strong belief in productivity maximization during work hours and work life balance, it’s a definite no-no to overtime. Communication is also very important in our company as we encourage everyone to voice out, give feedback or ask questions when in doubt. Lastly and most importantly, we aim to constantly give back to the community through participating in community events to bring a smile to the faces of the less privileged.