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Here at Capitalize, we provide you with the art of capitalization.

Definition of Capitalize:

  1. to supply with capital.
  2. to take advantage of: turn something to one’s advantage (often followed by on): to capitalize on one’s opportunities

Established since 2013, Capitalize is the leading corporate loan specialist firm in Singapore. We assist Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals to seek, source and obtain capital from across our established network of up to 35 banks, financial institutions, funding houses and alternative platforms. We are always committed to provide our clients with the most suitable loans according to their industry and business needs, from the lowest interest costs possible and at the quantum they require.

Most business owners do not have the luxury of time nor sufficient knowledge, resources or bargaining power to obtain a better deal for themselves. Most also do not understand the reason when they receive a rejection from the lenders and are often lost when it comes to obtaining a loan for their businesses.

Here at Capitalize, we reduce all uncertainties, hassle and time wastage to the minimal for our clients as we are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience from more than 8 years combined in the banking and finance industry.

We fully understand the criteria of every financier; thus ensuring our clients with the highest chances of approval. We also customize solutions according to their financial standing, needs and expectations. And most importantly, we provide our clients with unbiased advice and represent them to achieve better terms for their businesses.

To date, we have received 100% of satisfied customer feedback and helped hundreds of SMEs in Singapore to understand their own financial situation better; guiding them towards strengthening their financial capability. 

Capitalize Benefits


Approval chances
Quantum required
Time value of money
Company profitability


Your costs
Time wasted

Lastly, Capitalize will always stand by the reasons why we started out this company in the very first place. These are the ultimate goals that we aim to achieve for all our clients:

Capital Optimization
Strategic Advice
Long Term Benefits
Always Here for You

At the end of the day. We want you to know that we are always here for you, be it through the good or the bad days – a team full of committed loan specialists at your service.

Our Vision

„To promote sustainable business practices in all SMEs in Singapore through financial education

Our Mission

„To help as many SMEs as possible with care, sincerity and integrity

Capitalize Core Values

  • Listen, not just hear
  • Be kind and humble
  • Positive attitude above all
  • Under promise, over deliver
  • Build trust in relationships through open communications
  • Serve with integrity
  • Uphold high standards of service
  • Have courage to adapt to change
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Pursue growth and learning constantly

Our Directors


Managing Director 

Idy Tee Wan Jun

In her five years of professional experience in having assisted hundreds of SME business owners and directors, she has habitually proven her strengths in her repertoire of financial knowledge, prioritizing her clients’ best interests at heart, and analytical problem solving. Her energetic, cheerful and personable character, with which she treats every client with sincerity, has left a deep impression on each of them, resulting in long-term relationships with her clientele.

At the present moment, she manages all aspects of marketing for Capitalize, from online to offline marketing and social media to establishing strategic partnerships vital to the company’s growth. She also conducts sales and customer service training for her team.


Sales Director

Kei Chia Kok Wei

Prior to starting Capitalize, Kei realized that most SME owners across the board were facing a similar problem, which was the absence of an experienced and knowledgeable individual who could assist them in proper budget planning and business development plans.

To date, he has helped numerous businesses boost their sales effectively using working capital and banking facilities to maximize the productivity of their operations. In addition to that, Kei has also successfully increased their revenue and net profit margins. As the Sales Director of Capitalize, he now heads the sales operations in areas such as processes, new accounts acquisition and the training of the sales team.



1. Is Capitalize a licensed money lender?

No. We do not provide in house loans, lend out money directly to our clients or tie up with any licensed money lenders. Our established network of 35 platform consists of banks, financial institutions, funding houses and alternative financiers where the funds come from MNCs or private investors. We are the middleman, or in other words, a SME loan broker that bridges the gap between SMEs and all the financiers in Singapore.

2. What is the difference between approaching Capitalize and approaching banks directly?

Tapping on Capitalize’s platform is akin to approaching 35 platforms at one go, saving you the hassle of approaching one by one as business owners often do not have the luxury of time. We also provide an initial pre-assessment of your documents before providing you with an unbiased opinion as to where the highest chances of approval are. Last but not least, we help clients obtain funds starting from the lowest interest costs in the market and at the quantum you’d require; in your best interests.

3. Does Capitalize have any charges?

Yes we have a 1 time consultancy fee charge of a certain percentage of the loan quantum disbursed to you. This is payable only after you’ve accepted the Letter of Offer for the loan approval. This 1 time fee works as a tiered system in which the higher the quantum you obtain, the lower the charges will be. Most importantly, we do not charge a single cent should we not manage to help you obtain the funds you require. Contact us at +65 717 8681 to find out how the loan application process works.

4. How are you different from other loan agent firms?

We strongly believe in acting in the best interests of our clients, providing an unbiased opinion to them. We also stay firm to our values which is to under promise and over deliver, and be honest with our clients if we are not able to assist. However, we will provide advice to help improve on their business should they not qualify for any facilities at the moment. Service quality is also one of the traits that we constantly strive to upkeep and provide our clients with by going the extra mile for them at all times.

We also provide our existing clients with complimentary Business Valuation to help them understand their current positioning in the industry, vis-à-vis competitors. Lastly, we educate our clients on how to effectively use the funds we have obtained for them on areas for improvements within their firm – cash flow management, marketing, legal, property etc. for sustainable growth.