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Mr H.HY – Logistics Firm

“Through a detailed analysis, Capitalize has been able to help me understand the reasons why I was not able to qualify for a business loan and thus, understand my finances better. Despite so, they have still been able to source funding for me at reasonable rates through other sources within a tight timeframe. Great job done!”

Miss C.PC – Transportation Firm

“Capitalize has been my dedicated corporate finance advisor for the longest time. Through their analysis and advice given to me, I have been able to successfully obtain the funding I need in a very short period of time. Thank you for being there to help and support me during my times of need.”

Mr T.BH – Interior Design Firm

“Excellent. I was thoroughly briefed on the facilities Capitalize has acquired for me. With a more in depth understanding of my company financial standing, I can now better manage not just my company, but personal finances as well. Great job Capitalize Pte Ltd!”

Miss W.LL – Freight Forwarding Firm

“The consultant that attended to be is able to do a company analysis for me and pin-point hidden problems in the company accounts. This has allowed me to better understand my company financial profile. He is professional in his work and I enjoyed the journey with him.”

Mr A.S – Indian Restaurant

“The consultant that attended to me might be new in her job, but she has potential to be groomed. She is a very pleasant girl.”

Ms D.NN – Dried Foods Wholesaler

“Very efficient! I thought it was difficult to get any loans but Capitalize has proven it otherwise. The consultant that worked with me has helped me increase my sales revenue by 15%.”

Mr C.YS – Wholesale Trading Firm

“Hardworking – Good service.”

Mr W.Z – IT Firm

“The consultant provided me with the information and service I need. So I am quite satisfied with that.”

Ms K.C – Apparel Printing Firm

“Just when I thought there were no other ways to get funding, Capitalize has helped me in obtaining the funds required through alternative sources. I managed to clinch the deal in KL thanks to that!”

Ms E.M – Minimart

“The experience has been good all the way, I am fully satisfied.”

Mr L.EP – Precision Engineering Firm

“The consultant that helped me out was very efficient, dedicated and was constantly assuring me. She is also able to manage high stress levels despite the tight timeframe. I’ve thus managed to secure a huge contract successfully because of her expertise. The best consultancy firm ever!”

Mr R.C – Engineering Firm

“Very good assistance.”

Ms M.B – Doctor

“I’m interested in new launches as I’ve been very impressed by the service given by the consultant. Most satisfied with care and service given.”

Mr C.CT – Branding Consultancy

“The consultant has displayed commitment, perseverance and professionalism. I’ll definitely be a long term client and a supportive one. Well done.”

Mr V.T – Fountain Manufacterer

“The consultant has worked hard to provide the services to obtain the business loans.”

Ms L.XQ – Retail Fashion Store

“Very efficient and helpful in making me understand how the facilities worked, I have never expected such a professional attitude from the consultant. I would definitely contact Capitalize again when I require such services in the future.”

Mr W.RJ – Western Restaurant

“I found the service and attention to details and feedbacks very professional. The consultant has excellent interpersonal skills and product knowledge: a very good service and experience.”

Mr D – Tracking Systems Provider

“Very corporative”

Mr P.RB – IT Solutions Provider

“Capitalize has great service. The consultant has an in-depth understanding of our company needs and matching it with available solutions.”

Mr J.W – Corporate Gifts Distributor

“The consultant is kind, easy to communicate and hardworking.”

Mr K.K – Construction Manpower Provider


Ms J.M – Viet Restaurant

“We deeply appreciate your services. Thank you.”

Mr J – Battery Distributor

Very helpful, informative, resourceful service to provide us with the best loan.

Mr G – Commodities Trading Firm

Great personalised service from the consultant from Capitalize.

Ms D.NN – Dried Foods Wholesaler

“Very efficient”

Mr S – Engineering and Construction Firm

“Friendly, pleasant in service.”

Ms L.L – Retail Fashion Store

Good service, high efficiency

Mr P.RB – IT Solutions Provider

“Capitalize has great service. The consultant has an in-depth understanding of our company needs and matching it with available solutions.”

Mr A.L – IT Distributor

“The consultant has been very persistent and helpful in the progress of raising the funds. Despite having certain process challenges at times, he has eventually succeeded in the project.”